Chicks Available

- All prices are for 3-5 day old chicks. We have only 3-5 adult chickens per breed so all breeds listed have waiting lists for chicks. Please contact us to be placed on the list for the breed you want. Price discounts given for multiple birds.

Standard Chickens

Isbars originate from Sweden and are extremely rare in the US. There are currently 3 separate unrelated groups in the US with a forth scheduled to be imported next spring. Isbars are prized for their mint to moss green eggs the hens lay. You will never get a surprise brown egg as with other colored egg  breed chickens, Isbars will always lay a green egg. And they come in 3 beautiful colors! 

French Black Copper Marans
There are many different kinds of Marans, and many make the mistake that any Maran will lay dark chocolate colored eggs! But not all Marans are created equal! The French however do! How can you tell a Maran is French?! Just look at the roosters feet! French Marans have feathers on their feet. The English bred out this trait. 
Our French Marans are unrelated and FRIENDLY! Even our rooster! The hens just love to sit in your arms.  
Add some chocolate to your flock today! 
$15 each straight run
$20 each pullet
$5 each cockerel

Naked Necks
Now here's a quirky breed. And they are a heritage breed! Is it a chicken? Is it a Turkey? Na, it's all chicken! And the best tasting meat chicken there is! Great for grilling, frying or roasting. The Turken's thin skin just crisps up with no effort! And they don't have to be used for meat! The hens are great layers and a great conversation piece. But if you are looking for a great meat bird, $2 cockerels is a great deal!
$3 each straight run
$10 each pullet
$2 each cockerel

Black Australorps
$3 each straight run
$10 each pullet
$2 each cockerel

"Ranger Type" meat chickens
Straight Run only $1each


Cochins are known as the friendliest chickens in the world. And we can vouch for that! Our roosters are just like puppies! Squeaking and calling for you to come over and doing circles of happiness when you reach over and begin to stroke them. I have never heard of a mean Cochin! Small in size and small crow as well! It's one of the funniest things you'll ever hear! I still chuckle every time I hear mine! Excellent children's pet.
$10 each straight run
$15 each pullet
$10 each cockerel

Belgium Mille Fleurs
Like all of our breeds, our Millies don't come from hatchery stock! The results are birds with a color explosion, friendly and healthy. Our Mille Fleurs are like little works of art. Small but lays a medium type egg! Friendly great as a child's pet! Perfect for small dwellings or to add bright splashes of color to your flock.
$each straight run
$15 each pullet
$5 each cockerel

Old English Bantams
$15 each straight run
$30 each pullet
$10 each cockerel

World's smallest chicken! Very friendly hens AND roosters! Great for small spaces. Make excellent pets. (Prices do fluctuate based on coloring)
$25 each straight run
$50 each pullet
$25 each cockerel