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Thank you for stopping by! Here at Donovan Ranch we sell both live chicks and whole processed chickens. Please do look around,  many pages are chock full of great info about our birds, and other interesting facts!

For information Contact us with any questions. 

More great info to come!

Our info on our LIVE chicks available is on our "chicken info" page.

WHOLE chickens available. 

Time available: to be listed

We have a few delivery routes available for set days. Please contact us to find out more!

We also offer great discounts (off current prices listed)  for orders over 15. Great way to involve friends and family and get an ordering group together!!


Either Cornish Cross or Rangers (your choice!)

-Pastured $4.00/lb

-Pastured Soyfree $4.50/lb

-Pastured Corn/Soyfree $5.50/lb